Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Feet

There are first times in your life, you never expected to do in the first place. Like for me, having a pedicure. However, Toño talked me into going for one and so I booked a combo with a haircut by Toño's figaro and a pedicure by his Ukrainian wife Olga. Well, Olga did a marvellous job* and turned my feet back to baby like smoothness**.

My left foot is looking a bit to the left. This is due to a skiing accident when I was 6. I broke my left shin and foot but the doctors only saw the shin break and fixed it with the wrong type of casting. It took several years until a doctor discovered the actual cause for my left leaning***.

* also by attesting that I did not treat my feet that badly myself.
** and the odour of the ointments she applied put me on a high for hours.
*** meanwhile I also broke my right foot but that did not compensate for anything.


Toño said...

Are those really my baby's feet...


Ms Mac said...

Oh, I love a pedicure, I do. And don't let Mr Mac take the piss either (which he might do when he comes back to work)- he loves one too!

MartininBroda said...

(interessante) Kochrezepte und die letzte Pediküre, ein Glück, daß dein Bild rechts oben in der Ecke ist, sonst wäre ich verwirrt. Ich hoffe, du nimmst mir mein Amüsiert-Sein nicht übel. Angenehmen Sommer.

Kanadisches Madchen said...

Ah, how smooth and cute are your feet? I know what I'll be doing after work today!! Mmm, I can feel the relaxation already. said...

@Toño... yes they are and Manuela said they are beautiful :)

@Ms Mac... Mr Mac did (not yet) dare to tease me once.

@Martin... Es fehlen nur noch die Handtaschen. Aber was sag ich... auch da war ich schon.

@Kanadisches Madchen... we just cannot spoil ourselves enough. We so deserve it.