Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What's Next?

A couple of months ago I increased my workout a bit by following Ms.Mac's twitter hashtag #dailyexercise more or less daily - that is, 3 to 4 times a week and mostly by swimming.

One of the goals was to shed some weight. And actually just yesterday, I was asked by a friend whether I lost some weight. Well, not really. About 1 pound in 2 months lol. However, formerly tight trousers became quite loose. So I reckon, I managed to transform at least some fat into the equal weight of muscles.

There is another goal, which I set myself when I started learning to crawl in September 2003. And there is a thing I have to say in advance. For everybody who swims, this goal sounds rather ridiculous. But I have always been crap at sport and I did not take up swimming until I was in my mid-thirties (end of disclaimer). This low level goal was to swim a nautical mile (1852 m) with at least 1⅓ kn or within 45 minutes. Finally this weekend, I swum 2 km with 1.36 kn *sips some champagne*.

And now I need a new goal. But what?
  1. Should I see that after cycling and swimming I also find some joy in running, despite my dreadful experiences in school and the army? Mirrorboy keeps writing how much he enjoys this running thing that he actually tempted me to try it (eventually...).
  2. Should I set an achievable goal, like swimming 2 km in 45 minutes?
  3. Or should I set the bar dementedly high, by aiming for 3 km in 60 minutes? That would be 33% more and 22% faster at the same time :O

Btw, Toño got himself some flashy new running shoes:


naturgesetz said...

Don't keep all that champagne for yourself. I''d like to join in toasting your successes.

If you want my thought, it's that option 2 is best. Running is okay, but you should be able to release the endorphins by cycling and swimming. No need to repeat dreadful experiences. And I'd be afraid the having an unattainable goal would be discouraging.

Suf Steve said...

eat light dinner and drink pure water!

snacks = green apple

Pilgrim said...

3 k´s in 60 mins.? Cheap effort. I can walk this distance in 20 mins. :-) Propz Pilgrim

markus said...

why not put the swimming, cycling and running together and try out the triathon thingy

gomad.ch said...

@all... I Think I stick to swimming this summer and might try the running thing after September 15, when the outdoor pool is closed. And yes, naturgesetz. I will try to improve in achievable increments.

gomad.ch said...

@Suf... I was born and raised on an apple farm. I eat 2 to 3 kg a week, but never green ones.