Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guerilla Hollyhocks or Your City Needs You!

For some years, Zürich has been flooded with hollyhocks during summer.

Picture by Tina Fassbind, nicked from

They had been clandestinely sowed by Maurice Maggi and contribute to making this town the most liveable on this planet. By this, Maurice Maggi was spearheading an international urban trend called Guerilla Gardening. Here is a portrait of Maurice Maggi by Swiss Television (in German):

As I read on the Agenda page of the WoZ, another setter of this trend, Richard Reynolds will have a reading tomorrow at Sphères in Zürich at 7 pm. Time to bring your hoes and shovels into action. Your city needs you!

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Mickle in NZ said...

yay to the hollyhocks.......

um, confess I find them very short compared to the ones that my great Aunty Mavis and Uncle Tom grew.

We would be standing up on the veranda, several feet above the ground, and the Hollyhocks would be up at least at Mickle's waist height.

(yeah,yeah, back when I had a visible waist)

Memories of their Hollyhocks = Memories of very special times that I am relieved and so very happy to remember.