Monday, July 27, 2009

Stoned Cherries

  1. We haven't got a cherry tree*; and
  2. the cherry season is rather short; and
  3. our kitchen is far too small,
thus it does not make any sense to get a fancy deluxe cherry stoner. But luckily, there is an alternative, which can be nicked at work: paper clips.

Fix the cherry with one hand and take the paper clip into the other. Stick the paper clip through the spot were the stem was attached, grab the stone with the tab on the front and lever the stone out of the fruit. Done.

I don't recommend to wear your best shirt. It can be really messy. I kind of recommend a Dexter approach to the stoning: wear gloves & uses easily cleanable surfaces.

* When I was a boy my clan used to have some cherry trees. That is where I learned how to fire a rifle, since it was my task to kill the cherry eating birds. Though I got into serious trouble when I killed a songbird. Hard to sort the wheat from the chaff on a tree when you're short sighted.


Ms Mac said...

Would have been great if you'd posted this advice two weeks ago when I singled-handedly stoned 3kgs of cherries. I am still washing cherry stains out of my fingers and under my fingernails!

mr. mac said...

I'm glad that you are getting something out of Dexter ;-)

MartininBroda said...

Großer Gott, das sind ja ja Enthüllungen, ein vögelmordender schießwütiger Urs und dann die Sache mit der Büroklammer, ist das nicht ein Vorwand, das Leben anstrengender zu gestalten (?), ich mußte auch gerade einen Kirschkuchen machen(einfach so ein Ding aus Obstboden, Schlagsahne und Kirschen, aber ich werde das bestimmt nicht essen), übrigens die Käsekuchengeschichte war herzallerliebst. Meine Zuneigung zu Vögeln hat gerade erheblich gelitten, jeden Tag fülle ich das Vogelbad neu auf und es wird auch gerne frequentiert, und wo ich gestern mit meinem teuren neuen Sacko aus der Tür trete, was kleckert promt darauf, ich glaube, ich kann hier abbrechen, die guten Taten werden eben gleich bestraft.

Gauss Jordan said...

I'm slightly scared that you've applied culinary knowledge learned from Dexter.

Seth said...

mmmmmm. pie.