Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sorry, again a food post. But, inspired by a comment by Pilgrim and a tweet by Ms Mac we made Taboulé with some tuna steaks on the side.

Unfortunately we were out of Couscous (how did that happen?), but we still had some Bulgur, which I think is anyway the original way of making this dish.


Pilgrim said...

We had Taboulé yesterday at our bbq. as compony to the lamb chops. My Gf. made it and looked much greener. My Mom is lebanese, and she does it also w/few Bulgur and more tomates and parsley. I guess, the recipe varies from country to country. Propz Pilgrim said...

@Pilgrim... I think I chopped the parsley a bit too much. However, I was not happy with its quality anyway. But that happens if you shop after work in the evening.

Michael said...

Looks quite delish, but I don't think you have nearly enough parsley in there. This looks like "American Tabouleh" where it's all grain and no green.

I love homemade tabouleh with just lemon juice, olive oil and some cracked black pepper for seasonings.