Monday, July 20, 2009


Our weekend at the Lake of Geneva started with a hike through the vineyards of Lavaux. The weather was nasty at the beginning but got better by the minute.

Coincidentally the route we walked is part of the Via Francigena, the pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome. Two years ago, two of our hosts, Pilar and Carlos made a pilgrimage into another direction - that is, from La Côte (the wine region in the west of Lavaux) to Santiago de Compostela, a journey which took them three months.

Of course, we were not only walking. Like here, Toño is explaining to Pilar and Thierry how vertjus is made:

And we also had to rest, like here in the Cave Communale in St. Saphorin:

If I recall correctly, the first wine recommendation Toño ever made to me, was when I was invited to Château Mac for a barbecue that was camouflaged as Raclette. He recommended a St. Saphorin. The wines of this domain perfectly match with Raclette.


Expat Traveler said...

Oh it's just a beautiful area. Just lovely! Yes the weather can be funny, rain and then turn nice again!

Mickle in NZ said...

oow I'm drooling - Raclette, Mmmmmm.

All the Swimming etc - yet Tono is looking a bit fuller in the face. Rest assured, he is still gorgeous ...... is your camera lens set on wide....?

I am a far wider person than a few years back. Missing the flexability, thinking about it all.....

care and huggles, Mickle