Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greifensee Crossing?

Every Thursday Toño & I go swimming with the Katalin Sharks - as we call our crawl class. Usually this is in the indoor pool at Oerlikon. However during summer, wild horses couldn't drag our master shark to an indoor place*.

So for today, the master shark has summoned us to the Greifensee. However the question remains: Will we have to cross** the lake or not?

* with the rare exception of ruthless thunderstorms
** the distance indicated on the picture is for the round trip

Added Later
We did not swim 2.4 km but 3.2 km.


Mickle in NZ said...

What sort of fish lurk in this lake - any giant, foot hunting pike?

Pilgrim said...

@ Michelle, naw, Tiger-and White Sharks! *g* Urs, have fun! Propz Pilgrim

expatraveler said...

Ah do it! I need to find a map of the race I did from the last weekend. 1.5km.. :)