Thursday, July 02, 2009

How To Escape The Heat By Being A Good Lemming

Like 5876 others, the lovely Ms.Mac, Toño & I spent late yesterday afternoon swimming across the lake of Zürich (1450 m).

Ms.Mac & Toño were already veterans but for me it was a first time event. Earlier attempts were brought down by the flu, thunderstorms or being abroad. Inexplicably, it finally worked this year, although a nasty downpour bugged us while queuing for bathing cap with number, associated bag tag and food voucher (pure Swiss clockwork-like organisation). As soon as we were in speedos, the rain stopped (wtf).

After our 400 number block had been called for the start, we walked like lemmings along the jetty, were showered with icy water, before we walked down the steps into the floods. While ploughing through the massive waves, we built a sandwich with Toño & I being the bread and Ms.Mac the good part. At the other end we were greeted by Mr.Mac and James, who vowed that next year, they will also participate. That would then be a fancy club sandwich.

After the Mac clan left to feed the other kids, we went with our swim buddies who also participated to the sailing boat of our master shark Katalin to have some wine. Nearby some young lads were swinging with a rope from a 9 m high crane into the marina. They were completely mad but entertaining.

Unfortunately I had a little bit too much wine for some nightswimming before heading home. Nevertheless, I was humming this song:

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Ms Mac said...

I have the best friends, like, evah!