Friday, July 31, 2009

Upgraded Personal Safety

I will not be partying all night on Switzerland's 718th birthday. Early Sunday morning I'm supposed to fly to Spain. I will have to stay a couple of days & nights at Cádiz.

For once, I don't have to bring along some suits and ties on a business trip, but was given brand spanking new stylish safety footwear, which fulfils the ISO 20345:2004 standard for personal protective equipment.

Toño will be alone for two nights but he at least can be assured that my feet will be well protected while I'm away.


Mickle in NZ said...

So Tono gets to eat all the food you buy today.

Do you get to keep the super strong industrial shoes?

Huggles, Mickle and a snoring Zeb, xxx

Pilgrim said...

One qution to you; do you have also a gun in the back of your closet? Btw., this shoes/boots are ugly imo.Propz Pilgrim

Mr. Urs said...

@Mickle... Yes, I can keep them. They are good to kick asses.

@Pilgrim... They are ugly, I agree, but without them, they don't let me play with the big gun on the ship next week... Talking about guns: I used to have my service assault riffle in the closet, but gave it back when I was discharged from military service. I could have kept an older model for free. But what do I need an assault riffle for when I can play with big guns at work?

Pilgrim said...

*lol*Sorry, but I can´t say more, I´ve heard thatb every swiss has to hold a gun in the house, in case someone will attack la Suisse! :-)

Mr. Urs said...

@Pilgrim... Yes the enlisted men & women have to have the gun (and lots of other equipment) at home. The rest of us can if they like. But who would attack Switzerland since every bastard in the world has his money hidden here? Who would rob his own bank? Btw, we call our mystical enemy BöFei (acronym of 'böser Feind').

Pilgrim said...

My and my Das money is elsewhere, but not in la Suisse. Hehe!

expatraveler said...

They look like they will glow in the dark! haha. Safe tripping!

Randy said...

When I think of personal safety, I grab my mossberg and glock.

naturgesetz said...

So you're taking protection with you. But only because it's required.

Suf Steve said...

darling G,

that is one hideous looking strap boot you own!

so not GAY! i meant all 3 def.


Happy Independence Day (correct me if i'm wrong)

wear your dancing shoes darling!